Jordan Elman is a passionate actor.  He began studying theatre when he was a wee four-year-old child, and the "theatre bug" ended up stickin' with him even until today.  In his "younger" days he studied at CAP 21's High School Musical Theatre Intensive Program and both performed and worked at French Wood's Festival of the Performing Arts for several years.  He earned a Bachelor of the Arts at Muhlenberg College, double majoring in Theatre and Psychology, and also studied physical theatre abroad at the Accademia dell'arte in Arezzo, Italy.  Jordan has a dog that has curly hair identical to his, and also loves turtles; in fact, "turtle" was his first word!  Unfortunately, he does not actually own a turtle, and wishes that he did as he writes this paragraph.  He plays guitar, electric bass, and Pokemon (the original video game).  Jordan humbly thanks you for reading, and hopes you enjoy perusing the website!